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Floral Displays: Vandalism

We are saddened to see that several of our town’s beautiful floral displays were once again vandalised last week, with plants ripped out of tubs and beds and in many cases, completely destroyed. Although our gardeners try their best to re-plant the flowers which have been removed, it is unfortunately not always possible and once the plants are destroyed, they will not be replaced.

We have many stunning displays throughout the town, planted by our gardening staff, members of Sedgefield in Bloom and even local school children as part of our annual tub planting event. It is disheartening to those who have taken the time to plan, plant and water these displays throughout warmer months, but also to the residents and visitors of Sedgefield who frequently comment on how lovely the town looks when in full bloom.

All acts of vandalism are being promptly reported to the police and we ask that anyone with information also contact the police.

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