Sedgefield Cemetery

Sedgefield Cemetery

Butterwick Road Cemetery is the active cemetery within Sedgefield, situated northeast of the town centre at the start of Butterwick Road. The cemetery is open to burials and interments, however, due to the current expansion of the cemetery, we are unable to accept pre-purchasing of plots at this time.

We request that ashes are not scattered at the cemetery.

Please get in touch with us directly to enquire about a burial.


Pricing 2024/2025

New Single GraveDig £399Purchase £290Total £689
Interment of ashes in a new graveDig £146Purchase £290Total £436
Interment of minor
(i.e. child under the age of 12 years)
Dig £200Purchase £290Total £490
Interment of ashes in existing graveTotal £146
Interment of ashes / or plaque only
in Garden of Remembrance
Total £146
Purchase / reserve a grave
without interment
Total £290
Right to erect a headstoneTotal £79

History of Sedgefield Cemetery

Butterwick Road Cemetery has been used since approximately 1908, consisting of nearly 4,000 grave spaces. It replaced the old cemeteries on Beacon Lane and St Edmund’s Churchyard when they closed.

Cemetery Lodge stands at the entrance to Butterwick Road Cemetery. At one time this was home to the Sexton whose job it was to dig the graves and generally maintain the grounds, as well as attending each and every burial. In addition, the Sexton kept all of the burial records and accounts. Today this work is done by a combination of Town Council staff and their appointed contractors. The lodge is let out privately.

To the right of the cemetery path just before entering the actual burial area is a small paved memorial with a seat and beautiful floral display. This area is to remember the many stillborn children who were buried here in the past.

The Cemetery’s burial area consists of two main sections: section B to the left and section A to the right. Section B is nearly filled, with remaining spaces reserved for future interments. Section A is in current use. Above section B, surrounded by hedges, are the Gardens of Remembrance for the burial of ashes.

Within section A is Winterton Memorial, remembering the many patients from Winterton Hospital who were buried here. Many of these were in pauper’s graves and have no headstones or markings to remember the person. It was felt appropriate to make sure they were not forgotten.

Image of a memorial within Sedgefield Cemetery.
An image Sedgefield Cemetery across to the church
An image of a memorial at Sedgefield Cemetery
Photo of Sedgefield Cemetery in the summer

Sedgefield Cemetery News


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18th October 2022

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17th November 2021

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