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Snow Party Craft Competition

Every year as part of Sedgefield Snow Party, Hardwick Primary School and Sedgefield Primary School take part in a Christmas craft challenge set by the town council. This time, pupils were asked to make a Christmas tree in any shape or form they could imagine and the amount of creativity and hard work put in to each entry was overwhelming! Well done to everyone who took part. The following winners, picked by the council’s chairman Cllr Mel Carr, each received a selection box for their incredible efforts:

[Sedgefield Primary]

  • Nursery – Mason Skidmore
  • Reception – Hope Allen
  • Y1 – Kasey-Jade Thatcher
  • Y2 – Lara Salt
  • Y3 – Sophie Scott
  • Y4 – Tyler Swinburn, Grace Stanley & Lucy Ainscough

[Hardwick Primary]

  • Nursery – Ellis Faulkner
  • Reception – Sophia Alderson
  • Y1 – Gideon Welsh
  • Y2 – Ella McRitchie
  • Y3 – Rose Seymour
  • Y4 – Matilda Cudbertson
  • Y5 – Isabel Williams
  • Y6 – Reece Hewick
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