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The Sedgefield Plan Update

Sedgefield Town Council and representatives of the Neighbourhood Plan’s Steering Group met with Durham County Council Planning Officers on 17th August 2016 to consider the recent Independent Examiner’s Report detailing his findings from inspection The Sedgefield Plan.  Contained within this report were many very positive comments about our Neighbourhood Plan with particular praise at the level of community engagement and consultation in the Plan’s production.  There are a number of issues which we now need to consider further before the Plan can move forward to a Community Referendum.  The main issue being the current scope of the Built Up Area Boundary.  While the Town Council and Steering Group can consider other very minor points made by the Independent Examiner the issue of the Built Up Area Boundary will be strongly influenced by the now awaited decision of the public inquiry relating to the 300 dwellings on land to the South of Eden Drive.  When these decisions are known, and other minor points addressed, there will be further opportunities for you to participate in public consultation events.  The Town Council will keep you updated through the Council’s website (, the Plan’s website (, the Sedgefield News and through the Residents Database.

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